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In addition to ski trips the club organises regular meetups and other events.

Meetups are held (usually every second Tuesday) from late November to the end of March to meet and socialise with others between trips. Outside the skiing season ad-hoc meetups are often arranged (usually on Tuesdays too).

All are welcome, no signup/registration is needed and they're free!

Events have a special topic (bowling etc.) and may or may not require registration, see the individual event for details.

Any events you have registered for will have an "already registered" link below them. Click there to see info about your registration.

For details of ski trips organised by the club see Ski Trips.

Upcoming meetups & events


At least twice per month during the ski season, and indeed throughout most of the year.


At least one daytrip per weekend from January to March when there is no Longtrip, and often more.


Four or five weekend, long weekend or one-week trips during the ski season

To make donations to the club, please follow the link to our Paypal account here.

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