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Munich International Ski Club 

Daytrip Info

During the ski season we run weekly bus daytrips to the Austrian Alps, except for the weekends where we already have a long trip.

See the Ski Trips page for dates and provisional locations. Note that dates are fixed but locations are occasionally changed at the discretion of the trip captain depending upon snow conditions.

On the trips indicated as Apres Ski we will stay at the resort for around an hour after the lifts close to provide some time for drinking together in the local snow bars. We’ve chosen the closer destinations so we can still be back in Munich for around 19:0019:30 (traffic permitting of course).

The last trip of the year is usually to a glacier to ensure we have great snow conditions. We’ll have a party by the bus before partying our way back to Munich.

Signing up

See the Ski Trips page to sign up for day trips.

In case of changes (such as adding guests), cancellations, or other problems, please contact

Please sign up by the end of the Wednesday before the trip – if we don’t get sufficient signups by end of Wednesday we will be forced to cancel the trip  minimum of 35 participants is required to run a daytrip.

Payment is made at the time of booking. Cash payment on the bus is not possible. Members have booking priority in the case of a popular trip.


Prices: Members: 85 €, Associates: 95 €. Price includes the bus ride and the lift ticket (with its deposit) – you keep the deposit when you return the ticket to the ticket office. (We realize that the prices have gone up significantly... for ski tickets as well as for the bus.)

There is a transport-only fee for those with season passes: Members: 25 €, Associates: 35 € .

For children, please book them as adults and you will be refunded the difference in lift ticket price following the trip.


Contact for cancellations or any changes to your registration. Cancellation fee is 15 Euros up until 07:00 on the Thursday before the trip - after that an additional charge for the transport (see "transport-only fee" above) applies. We need to do this unfortunately because of the manual work the daytrip captain and treasurer need to do for each cancellation, and to cover the costs to the club.

Meeting Point and Departure Time

The meeting point is the Giesing Bahnhof.  The name of the bus company is Geldhauser and it should be parked in the bus station from about 06:30 onward.Try to be there as close to 06:30 as possible to allow loading time. The bus will depart at 06:45.

Emergency phone number

During the daytrip you can reach the trip captain on a special number, this will be announced on the bus. Save the number to your mobile(handy) when it's announced!

Ski/snowboard hire/lessons

The club does not organise ski hire or lessons. But don’t worry if you are not too experienced: you can either hire for the weekend from shops in Munich (Schuster, Sportscheck & Kaufhof usually have skis for hire at a good price) or hire when we arrive at our destination. The resorts we visit generally have both ski hire and teaching facilities and it’s usually possible for individual skiers to arrange lessons on the day. Check for further details.


Risk/Insurance: Taking part in a ski club event is done at your own risk, just like taking part in an event with friends; these are club trips, not commercial trips. The club and its representatives does not take responsibility for the actions of its members and does not have insurance to cover injury, or damage to or loss of your property. In particular, if you go skiing/boarding on a club trip it is highly recommended that you make sure you are insured for mountain rescue; note that this is not covered by normal medical insurance in Germany, and in the unlikely event that you need one a helicopter ride can be very expensive.


At least twice per month during the ski season, and indeed throughout most of the year.


At least one daytrip per weekend from January to March when there is no Longtrip, and often more.


Four or five weekend, long weekend or one-week trips during the ski season

To make donations to the club, please follow the link to our Paypal account here.

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