The club would like to INVITE YOU to a WhatsApp Group – “MISC Live”, to keep members on piste, of piste and anywhere else somehow connected, (as long as they wish to be). The attendees of the Sölden-Trip at beginning of December already experienced this a bit.
This time I want to make this a permanent group for all the events we do.

The membership in this group is optional and by one’s initiative only. To become a member please write to: webmaster@munichskiclub.com, subject: MISC Live and give the name you want used and full mobile number to subscribe. When we meet on the bus we can do this directly. Everybody is welcome to join, can leave at any time, and is welcome to re-enter again and again later, just write me (again). Don´t be afraid to bother me.
And especially to those unlucky, that are prevented from attending, whether you´re on the other side of the earth, have to take care for your knees, your children, the dog or because of some other reason: I´d like to keep you connected as long as you wish.
And instead of leaving the group I recommend to stay and just silence the group, so you won´t be bothered by every post, but can poll the information any time you want. (Even I will silence the group when I´m on piste, but will look at it in regular periods.)

The aim of this group is to increase the feeling of being a great community during our events. Posts are welcome about nice places, happy situations or nice huts to meet. Share what you think that is worth it. But I appeal you to prevent the channel from overheating. Since I expect the group to get really large, not every picture has to be commented by everybody. Try to get a feeling for yourself about when it´s too much, let´s say a maximum of 5 pictures per person and trip as a guideline. Please don´t use this group for organizational issues, for this I will do the other group MISC Trip (see below).

Keep in mind, that every post is public, even the rights to pictures are automatically granted to WhatsApp and the MISC. We love photos but avoid posting pictures about shameful situations (unless you´re sure it´s OK for the affected person). People that are not aware of being photographed should be avoided, especially when it´s smaller group (5 or less). Our Marketing/Social Media Team would like to use the best pictures posted, so don’t hesitate to post your favorites.

Subgroup MISC Trip:
I will also settle another group MISC Trip, all members of MISC Live participating in the actual trip will be set on MISC Trip also. This is the group to for important ski club organizational issues. But keep in mind that not every attendee is in the group, so don´t expect to reach everybody here when it´s needed.
Requests when you lost contact to your team and want to find somebody nearby are also a good use case.
Emergency messages can be set on this channel too, but keep in mind: It´s not guaranteed that you reach the right person and in time, this channel can only be used cautiously for additional emergency purposes.

Any questions or suggestions are welcome. We want this to not only be effective but also to be fun.


Your Webmaster

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